Shaanxi Tebaixin Metal Technology Co. , Ltd.(Abbreviation: Te Bai Xin Metal) is located in has "the Chinese Titanium Valley" the name shaanxi-Baoji. The company is a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in the research, production and processing of titanium, nickel, zirconium, tantalum and other Non-ferrous metal materials. The company has advanced production technology and management mode, with good reputation, perfect service, high-quality products to serve our customers. Especially in titanium and titanium alloy materials, titanium composite materials, nickel and nickel alloy materials metal processing field to become the industry's high-quality suppliers. Professional production and sales: Titanium/titanium alloy/titanium composite plate, titanium/titanium alloy Rod, titanium/titanium alloy pipe, titanium/titanium alloy wire, titanium/titanium alloy ring, titanium/titanium alloy cake, titanium/titanium alloy target material, titanium/titanium alloy welding pipeline, titanium/titanium alloy processing parts, titanium foil, titanium valve, titanium compensator, titanium Standard Parts, titanium forging parts, titanium flanges, titanium tubes, titanium crucible, titanium anode, titanium clad copper composite materials; nickel plate, Nickel Tube, nickel rod, nickel wire, nickel foil, nickel pipe fitting, nickel flange, nickel welding pipe, nickel target material, nickel processing parts; zirconium plate, Zirconium Tube, zirconium rod, zirconium wire, zirconium target material, zirconium flanges, zirconium forgings, zirconium crucible, etc. . Equipment: Titanium/nickel Reaction Kettle, titanium steel composite reaction kettle, titanium internal coil heating reactor, Nickel Steel Composite Reaction Pot, titanium/titanium composite/nickel heat exchanger, titanium/nickel/zirconium coil, titanium/titanium composite/nickel storage tank, titanium internal coil heating tank, titanium/titanium composite/nickel condenser, titanium/titanium composite/zirconium reboiler, titanium/titanium composite/zirconium evaporator, titanium/titanium composite/nickel cooler, titanium/titanium composite tower and other non-standard chemical equipment. Processing Sales: Tungsten, Molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and other rare and precious metal materials tube, plate, bar, wire and products.

The company has established a set of effective quality management system, from raw material procurement, process planning, product processing, testing and after-sales service have specific norms and factory standards. We insist on: Management for Quality, quality for survival, firmly believe that only way to know horsepower, only integrity can be sustainable business enterprise development philosophy, welcome new and old customers call consultation, procurement! Looking forward to working with you hand in hand to create a better future!